Interactive waterfall invites users to virtuality and reality, or somewhere between.


As an application of web-based visual implementation and physical computing, this project aims to provide twisted experience partly based on physics and daily object. Being inspired by oriental painting and Jean Baudrillard's simulacre, I tried to bring unexpected moments that will break user's mental map by creating multiple layers between virtuality and reality.


09. 2017 – 12. 2017


Interaction design
Development (Javascript, p5.js, Arduino, Leap motion)


– Key findings

  • Improve design consistency.
  • Replace slider input to much suitable one.
  • Use real water for multi-dimensional interaction.

Flow Chart


I tried to create particle that pierce characteristic of both virtual and real. Consequently with the inspiration of oriental painting, abstract black and white is chosen as overall tone & manner. Third dimension of layer is generated by hand motion with the texture of oriental ink.

Leap Motion Test

As an user interaction for final state, leap motion takes a great role in this project. Since the experience of this state is accompanied by both digital and physical interaction, exact calculation and precise mapping were required for making it natural.

Prototyping 2 & User Test

- Insights

  • Combine all interface in one device.
  • Simplify leap motion visual.
  • Improve serial-communication system(timing and feasibility).


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