A generative sequence of sounds created by data sonification based on NASA Exoplanet data.


In cosmology the universe started off in a big bang 13.7 billion years ago. And unfortunately, we are still clueless as to most of it. Amongst tons of planets in the universe, what we have discovered so far is a small portion. This project represents my attitude as well as expression towards wonders of the universe. All the sounds here are generated by dataset collected from NASA Exoplanet Archive.


09. 2018

Tech Stack


Process Flow

Data Cleaning

The original dataset includes total of 3791 confirmed planets as of Sep. 27. For not only meaningful but suitable synthesization, 10 parameters are selected and mapped to musical features from 67.

Data Mapping

Based on a seven-note scale in B major, a pitch for each note is mapped from the remainder of parameter value divided by 7. A duration is mapped from the scale of parameter value compared to the total.

[Mapping detail]

  • Planet Name – just as reference
  • Distance [pc] – note order
  • Effective Temperature [K] – main note pitch
  • Planet Mass or M*sin(i) [Jupiter mass] – sub note pitch
  • Number of Planets in System – base note pitch
  • Orbit Semi-Major Axis [AU] – sub base note pitch
  • Stellar Radius [Solar radii] – main note duration
  • Orbital Period [days] – sub note duration
  • Stellar Mass [Solar mass] – base note duration
  • Planet Radius [Jupiter radii] – sub base note duration

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