A close encounter with someone is the moment when each universe meets.


The reflection of users is filled with glittering stars and creates an unexpected moment when they are in close proximity to each other. As an engaging interactive projection for one person, or as a chance to the close encounter for two people, this project aims to provide users an experience of emotional contact generated by physical touch. Processing and kinect v2 are used.


11. 2017 – 12. 2017

Tech Stack

Processing, Kinect(v2)


ITP Winter Show 2017


"Physical contact is an influential aspect of human encounters. Touch both influences and expresses interpersonal bonding; touch can communicate emotion, and can for example also decrease stress. Physical contact can increase compliance with requests, even when a person is not consciously aware physical contact has occurred."

- Henriette Cramer, Nicander Kemper, Alia Amin, Vanessa Evers, Bob Wielinga. ‘Give me a hug’: the effects of touch and autonomy on people’s responses to embodied social agents. Comp. Anim. Virtual Worlds 2009; 20: 437–445

Antares & Love X, 2013, Joe Webb

Spiral II, 2017, Joe Webb

Goodbye, Helios, James R. Eads


  • How to create the moment of closeness or encounter in aesthetic context?
  • How to design concise user interaction with abstract visuals?
  • What kind of unexpected interaction can be made that only works for two user input?
  • What can be the clear trigger point for user motivation?

User Interface


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Timeline of the Far Future

Cosmic Forest


Synthetic Ocean

Compositional Pattern of Neural Network


Happy Machine

Vuse Alto AR

Emoj! AR

Birthday Visualizer