Birthday Visualizer

WHERE is your birthday?


This data visualization project is a personal experiment on building single page applications (SPAs) with Node.js, Express.js, Three.js and MongoDB in both front-end and back-end field. Comparing to traditional multi-page websites, SPA drastically reduces the amount of required page loads, resulting in faster and smoother interactions resembling the native mobile/desktop app experience.


02. 2018 – 03. 2018


Interaction design
Development (HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Three.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB)

User Stories

  • Users can input their name and date of birth which would be stored in the MongoDB database.
  • Users can explore the 3D space filled with sphere objects placed by the input value as x, y, z coordinates.
  • Users can see the information with mouse over on object.

Data Flow Diagram

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Timeline of the Far Future

Compositional Pattern of Neural Network

Happy Machine


Vuse Alto AR

Emoj! AR

Birthday Visualizer