100,000 Happy Moments

What makes us happy?


This project creates a visualization of 100,000 positive moments by categorizing huge datasets collected from people over the world. Where does our happiness come from? While it covers a piece to the answer, this project suggests overall happiness and well-being comes from the impact of small activities performed over time.


08. 2018


Development (HTML/CSS, LESS, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax, Sheet.js, Three.js, D3.js)


Happiness is a subjective matter. Happiness however cannot be measured, and since a subjective people might not realize when they are happy, or what makes them happy. In 2008, 300 million people around world have experienced some form of depression, according to the World Health Organization. In this line of thought, we need to examine why people are experiencing depression and how can this project help people to realize happiness is all around them.


  • Create a website which can read 100,000 positive moments and share these moments, big and small, to users to encourage them to find happiness in their lives.
  • Try to make others aware that overall happiness is cumulative-that many small moments of happiness can give people an overall happiness in each and every day.
  • Not only use a verified dataset, visualize it with simple UI and make it easy to read.



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