Week 6_ Final_ Business card

Business card design

  • Brainstorming

The idea is to express my character with initial of my last name, “P” from Park. I aim to manipulate its shape to create visual emotion.

I looked back all class assignments, and organized some of my features.


Keywords to express my identity ; creativity, extraordinary, distinctive, inspiring, unique

typeface: san-serif, helvetica, futura

color: black, purple, white

composition: balanced

style: simple, minimal


Referring to my brainstorming, I came up with making my business card convey the creativity and unique tone. One thing I gave weight is that making ! and ? shape within the P in terms of creativity and inspiring. Since all inspiration starts from question to exclamation, these two elements were the best things to represent my value. So, I spent time creating my brand logo.



Under that idea, lots of sketches were drawn. I tried to find clearest design that has strong impact. Below is the final version of logo.

Color variations.


The other side. Information in hierarchy, and portrait illustration is added for better reminder. Black glasses and curved hair will help people memorize me better. I used simple line-shape that matches with the whole tone of design.

Final version.


Week 5: Composition


I aim to design type-based poster, expressing ITP feature with shadows. I looked for diverse references and below is one of the main concept of this work . The purpose of this poster is using simple color and eidetic visual composition in combination with humor to express the pioneer spirit of ITP and informing winter show through humanistic tone & manner.

from : https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/500744052308487194/

First draft. Boring color, creative expression with shadow shape, poor 3-D effect, bad readability of information.

Modification process.

Composition analysis.


Next, another inspiration hit me when I was thinking on focusing humanistic vibe. The point was to convey ITP show as tech-based show but not directly showing that the machines or arduino circuits. So I came up with an idea by combining those tech-like things with familiar objects such as plants or animals, that can neutralize the cold and complicated appears of machines. Referring to past posters, I will use plant which is connected with computer, receiving shining spotlight. Now it’s time to show my ability on photography.

Midnight shooting at home. All props were from home and ITP junk. I used lamp to highlight the leaves of “Bob”(I and roommate named on it). Information is positioned on negative space. Final version is below.




Week 4: Color of my ilfe


Photograph by Paolo Raeli / Related article

I’m fascinated with sunset, and the momentary vibe I can feel during the sunset. The sky is filled with diverse colors from blue to orange, but what I see the most inspiring is purple which makes the whole surroundings look dark but shining at the same time. Paolo Raeli, a photographer who takes a pieces of youth inside the sunset, inspires me in this context. I would like to express the vibe of sunset through visual conceptual of moon, which is my second biggest interest.


In this project, while the topic is the use of color, I would like to use the minimum color to express the color. By using the minimum color, I aimed to create the rhythmic composition that represents me. Follows are keywords for this project.

keywords: moon, universe, rhythmic technique with simplicity, minimum use of color, purple as main pointer, symmetrical but partly asymmetrical, minimalism, shade and light

Referring to my past instagram feed, purple, blue, black, light(bright yellow), gray were the major colors. And, those colors are which I like. So, I would like to express me in two-track, mono-toned color such as black and gray group as well as purple along with its complementary color.


And one thing I want to point out is that this work is inspired from a music I’m listening these days. I repeatedly played this song while I was working on this project. This song contains my interests toward the world of universe. (This was used as a sound track for the movie “Passengers(2016)”)


This is the first version. Composition includes simple ellipse and rectangle shapes. The majority of colors are mono-tone, pointed out by minimum use of purple and yellow. But, I felt this is too boring, and I gave variation on this.

The second version. In the final version, I added the purple color point at the right-bottom rectangle. Below is the final.



The perfect circle is positioned at the center, and eye direction goes to right-bottom, making stable weight feeling through composition. Other details are as follows.


Week 3: Typography & Expression

  1. Delta airline boarding pass redesign

The problems of this boarding pass design can be summarized as follows.

  1. Poor readability
  2. No hierarchy of information
  3. No consistency in typo style

Referring to this insights. I rearranged the information based on priority. All contents are organized in grid system for better legibility. Prior information including seat num, departure time, flight number, etc are located in the middle, with readable font size and composition. Other minor contents are minimized, and moved to the edge or bottom.

[Size of each content]

*head of each content – 14

Seat number – 48

flight number, name – 28 (=24*2)

origin, destination, departing time – 24

date, departure gate – 18

rests – 8 or 10



  • composition based on grid system for readability
  • hierarchy of information – 1) text size / 2) text location






2. Typography expression



Week 2 _ Signage Research

Successful signage


I found this real-time subway signage in F line subway. This is very clear, and easy to look, especially to foreigners. Next stop is highlighted, we can see updated number of stops left for each stops, and there’s is an extra sign for subway which has handicapped seating.




This is my favorite cafe next to my apartment. It not only offers tasteful coffee but also provides classical experience with old-school interior design. I think this signature is successful in terms of suggesting brand’s tone & manner. It’s visual seems tasty and makes me wanna coffee.



Unsuccessful signage


Signage below is confusing due to its inconsistency and illegibility in terms of visual organization. It’s on 6 avenue, 34th street, which is one of the most crowded area.


But most importantly, this signage in W4 station has made me be a maze-runner for more than 30 minutes. I dare that the first visitor of this station, especially for foreigners, will be confused by this signage. Suppose that you are now in platform to Downtown. If you want to take the F line for uptown, where do you think is the right direction??


After walking and searching the right platform with letting 5 trains pass away, I found that the first place was the right direction. The problem was the location of information. It was ambiguous enough to make me less confident of my original way.

Referring to my annoying experience, I fixed the visual composition based on the original one.

Much better ha?


Week 1_ Design Analysis

Design Composition of poster from <The Lobster(2015)>

I remember watching <The Lobster>, which won 2015 Canne Jury Prize, in my home country, South Korea. At that time, the poster of this movie was pretty eye-catching just like below. (Of course, it was Korean version.)


However, a couple of months later, I found different version of this poster by coincidence, and that was much awesome in terms of design and creativity.

How different it is from the previous one! This simple, but impactful poster conveys core message of the movie, ‘loneliness’ by ’emptiness’.

First, it has a simple hierarchy structure. Our eye-direction moves from 1 to 3, and this matches exactly with the importance of each elements. The picture, title, and sub-title. The size and weight of each elements organize the importance and composition flow.


All colors used inside the composition are based on a low chroma. So colors oppress the dimension and possibility of other information. All we see is the man, space, and text. Among one typefamily(Futura), 4 to 5 typefaces are used in different weight and size. Finally, by making illusion of man hugging the empty space with creatively using background space(negative space)



Visual composition affects a lot in regards to delivering the message. I think this poster is a good example of design composition very properly organized for its purpose and theme. Now, are you curious about this well-made movie? Let’s click the link below.